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All You Need To Know About Iroko TV App As a Nigerian

All You Need To Know About Iroko TV App As a Nigerian and Ghanian

Have You Been a Lover of Ghanaian and Nollywood Films?

Are you looking forward to watching your favorite Nigerian films and tv shows but don’t even know where to see them especially on the Iroko TV App? Possibly, the airing times of your Nigerian show on Tv simply doesn’t go with your own schedule. Well, then look no further. The Iroko Tv program is your answer!

Iroko Tv is a streaming site developed by a London-based Nigerian, more than six years back, to serve African material (movies and Television shows) to the entire world.

And recently, they have developed an app which lets you stream or download your treasured Nigerian films/tv shows on your cellular device. The Iroko tv app is free of charge and is available on the Google or Apple Store. All you have to do is get into the program, sign up with your phone number, and then subscribe to a monthly/ yearly plan. And voila, you are good to go!  It is that easy!

The movies releases by Nollywood this season is very wonderful and it’s so awful one can’t take their TV and Decoder anywhere with them, I mean why are not they like MTN (Everywhere you go)… and additionally Power Supply is not something to write home about in Nigeria, so one can hardly get to watch their favorite films and receive the entertainment one deserves.

Are you feeling the same? Are you feeling left out you can’t watch your funniest and enjoyable Nollywood movie when you desire? You then Will Need the Irokotv Program.

The IrokoTV Program permits you to see the best and most enjoyable Nollywood movies and TV series. Users from Africa also can enjoy Bollywood, both Korean and Hollywood films with this program.

And you’ll be able to watch these movies anywhere you are at any time, you don’t have to wait for power supply since everything you need is your cell phone.

The app that belongs to Nigeria’s biggest home pictures streaming platform iRokoTv also lets you continue on the latest film releases by following them on their Facebook page.

The Best Way To Download The Irokotv App

You can download the app on your cellular device easy and simple. For Android Mobile Users that you can download the app on the Google Play Store and also Windows Phone Users can download it over your Windows App Microsoft Store


How To Log into Your IrokoTV Account on Your Phone

How To Use The App

Working with the IrokoTv program Is Quite simple.

Launch the program you downloaded

Sign in and you have to pay a certain amount to get unlimited access to Nigerian movies and TV shows.

Browse through the growing list of movies and shows and just select your choice and you can begin streaming Nigeria films in HD quality on your cellular device. .

You’ll be able to find over 5,000 Nigerian movies on this online platform and also they have a well-structured search bar which allows you to choose, stream and see a vast array of Nollywood movies by year of release, celebrities, actresses or even TV series all on your cellular phone.

Advantages of this Program

You get to stream movies everywhere you’re and anytime you would like.

You no more time to rent films from Movie Selling Centres and await the Power to come on before you get the entertainment you have earned, this app enables you to see whatever movie you are interested in anytime and anywhere…

In their facebook page, you get updates on fresh Nollywood film releases and you get to watch them on the program. This keeps you updated on the Play, Action, and Entertainment you certainly would have missed if you don’t have the program.

If you have any queries, simply ask in the comments section and I will return to you instantly.

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