HPE GreenLake – Selectium Program for analytics enable customers to accelerate modernization initiatives, for all data, from edge to cloud. Available on the HPE GreenLake – Selectium Program edge-to-cloud platform, the new cloud services are built to be cloud-native and avoid complex data migrations to the public cloud by providing an elastic, unified analytics platform for data and applications on-premises, at the edge and in public clouds. “Data is at the heart of every modernization initiative in every industry, and yet organizations have been forced to settle for legacy analytics platforms that lack cloud-native capabilities, or force complex migrations to the public cloud that require customers to adapt new processes and risk vendor lock-in. The new HPE GreenLake – Selectium Program for analytics empower customers to overcome these trade-offs and gives them one platform to unify and modernize data everywhere. Together with the new HPE GreenLake -Selectium Program for data protection, HPE provides customers with an unparalleled platform to protect, secure, and capitalize on the full value of their data, from edge to cloud.”, said Antonio Neri, president and CEO, at HPE.

Now analytics and data science teams can leverage the industry’s first2 cloud-native solution on-premises, scale-up Apache Spark lake houses, and speed up AI and ML workflows. The new HPE GreenLake cloud services include the following:

    • HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics: Industry’s first2 unified, modern analytics and data lakehouse platform optimized for on-premises deployment and spans edge to cloud.
    • HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store: Industry’s first2 Kubernetes-native object store optimized for analytics performance, providing access to data sets edge to cloud.
  • Expanding HPE Ezmeral Partner Ecosystem: The HPE Ezmeral Partner Program delivers a rapidly growing set of validated full-stack solutions from ISV partners that enable customers to build their analytics engines. This includes new support from NVIDIA, Pepperdata and Confluent, and open-source projects such as Apache Spark. HPE has added 37 ISV partners to the HPE Ezmeral Partner Program since it was first introduced in March 2021, delivering additional ecosystem stack support of core use cases and workloads for customers, including big data and AI/ML use cases.

Key solution results

The HPE GreenLake – Selectium Prorgram service enables a modern delivery of Splunk in containers that can take full advantage of the optimized Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel NVMe NAND to drive utilization throughout.

The HPE, Splunk, and Intel team tested concurrent searches and data model acceleration, using Splunk Enterprise Security with Intel IT production data (real world, high cardinality data; i.e., non-synthetic data) from seven different data sources. While running these searches the solution was able to independently scale from 1 to 6, and up to 12 indexers per host delivering an astounding 21x indexer throughput improvement keeping CPU saturation below 70%.

With HPE GreenLake – Selectium Program complemented by HPE Pointnext Services, the solution is provided aaS on-premises or in a collocated solution, managed by HPE up through the container and storage layer. With the HPE GreenLake – Selectium program model, pay for what you use with no up-front outlay, scaling ability up or down quickly. Do you have any questions? Send us a mail: info@hpe.ng

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