Best 5 websites to sell and buy phones and laptops.

The times have completely changed and the change hasn’t stopped, it keeps going on daily and with the insurgence of COVID-19, many of us have been forced out of our comfort zones. Most especially in our society, we have been moved out of the confines of walking into stores to purchase things and gadgets are not exceptions. 

Given the situation of our country and the increase of online scammers, a lot of people are still a bit skeptical about buying things online. However, some organizations have taken up the responsibility to ensure that shopping online is an easy and worthwhile experience despite our climes. To be honest, a lot of them are not doing badly at all. Some have even taken it further to specialize in providing trading platforms for specific products and ensuring the accuracy, safety, and authenticity of products and services on their platforms.

We can categorically say that shopping online has been made easier. Trading gadgets and devices have not been left out of this mix. Despite the odds, phones, laptops, and other gadgets can be bought and sold online with no hassles and with an assurance of value and quality. Here are five websites where buying and selling phones and laptops can be done with ease.


Think of an online device showroom, that is one of the major privileges Naijagadgets offers, Naijagadgets is an online marketplace for phones, laptops, and other devices. The uniquely important thing about Naijagadgets is its commitment to ensuring that all products displayed on the website are from trusted and verified sources.

Another impressive thing about Naijagadgets is the opportunity to connect you to your popular onsite stores and their available stock. Isn’t that amazing? The platform offers an opportunity for trusted retailers of every kind to showcase their products. Be it popular online stores or an individual who wants to put a phone or laptop up for sale. 

The website offers an incredibly easy interface to trade, post ads or buy devices and is generally a good deal for everyone that is involved. Naijagadgets provides trading information in different locations across Nigeria, Ghana, and Benin.


Jumia positions itself as the biggest online market in Nigeria and is fondly known to give great deals as a result of their ever reduced price model. Jumia marketplace is an online market for various products among which are phones and laptops. 

One thing you can be assured of from Jumia is getting genuine products. Jumia partners with some of the most popular brands in the world to bring devices at unbeatable prices. In addition to this, Jumia has a fairly impressive return policy. Phones and laptops are on the top categories of products that are bought on the website, which says a lot if you ask me. 

  1. KONGA

Konga is one of the top contenders in the e-commerce space in Nigeria, like its foremost competitor Jumia, it started operations in 2012 and has since then been concerned about providing an easy shopping experience for buyers. 

More recently, Konga created a platform for more retailers to showcase their products. Kong aims to help sellers showcase their products to as many people as possible. In addition to this, Konga has retail stores in various parts of the country. One of the things that qualify Konga to be on this list is that phones and laptops were one of the first products to be put on sale on the platform. This suggests some level of mastery in the business. Coupled with its order tracking system, 7-day return policy, and dedicated customer service support, Konga poses as one of the best places to buy and sell your devices.


  1. JIJI.NG

Jiji says it is the best place to sell anything to real people. This is true. Jiji provides an opportunity to buy or sell virtually anything. Ranging from houses to cars, to appliances and of course phones and laptops. Jiji has been in operation since 2014 and has done a great job of being a meeting place for sellers and buyers of phones and laptops. 

Jiji is widely known to offer previously used products. If you are looking to buy UK used laptops and phones, Jiji might be a great place to search. Jiji has a quite easy mode of operation that requires people involved in transactions to be extra careful. The administrator’s advice that payments should not be made till the product is received and ascertained to be good for use. One thing that is encouraged while using Jiji is to drop reviews about products bought and this is a great way to ensure that safety is kept on the platform. 


Last but not least is the organization that aims to provide technology products to every Nigerian that has internet access. That sounds like a huge task but it seems tech mall has been acing it from way back. Tech mall started as Techmall direct in 2007 and has then evolved and improved in providing quality service. Techmall is known to have excellent customer support and a swift and short delivery process. They offer a great variety at competitive prices. A distinguishing factor for tech mall is their devotion to security, hence the use of the highest level of the SSL encryption software to secure payments. 


There you have the top 5 websites that guarantee value for your money if you are looking to get a phone or laptop, or an opportunity to sell your products. Whenever you are looking to get phones and laptops, think shopping online, think Naijagadgets!

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