Kenyan startup QuickBus,  a platform that allows its users to  book, review  and pay for bus tickets, has secured a  round of seed funding to foster its international expansion. On QuickBus, users can get to access an aggregate of all the major bus operators. It is one of the hassle-free booking platform that is uncomplicated and easy to use. Users can pay for bus trips on the platform via one of three options: credit card, mobile money and internet banking.


It first launched in Kenya, before the startup expanded to Uganda and Angola, and has secured partnerships in seven countries across the continent. And as the result of the seed funding, their expansion process will now increase in pace.

The  funding, which is undisclosed, features investors such as Shorooq Partners, EchoVC, and Oman Technology Fund, and will be used to quicken the startup’s development and improve its services offering. The seed funding round was led by Shorooq Partners, a venture fund based in the United Arab Emirates. Other firms that participated include Nigeria’s Echo VC and Oman Technology Fund (OTF).


In a statement by the founder and chief executive officer (CEO), Humphrey Wrey highlighted the service potential users would get from the QuickBus app:

“When you book a bus, you should know more than the price and the destination, you should also know more about the experience you’re going to have. That’s how it is in other parts of the world and Africa shouldn’t be any different.  Our platform allows customers to see reviews an Trove has secured an undisclosed amount of equity funding from Nigerian asset management firm known as ARM for short,to help it deliver access to global investment opportunities select seats based on their preferences because knowing if your 18-hour journey will be very uncomfortable or quite comfortable is valuable information. That was the genesis of the QuickBus idea.”

Humphrey Wrey, the startup’s CEO, has also disclosed how they have worked closely with bus operators, and processed at least $40,000 worth of tickets between February and May 2019.



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