About The Next Titan Nigeria, Nigeria’s Foremost Entrepreneurial Reality TV Show


For so many years, the media space in Nigeria has been populated to the point of over-saturation with unwholesome and unhealthy content which do not particularly strive to discover, develop and harness the right value system, culture and principles which lend to a quest for true self discovery with a potential to be a catalyst for a purpose and value-driven life and by extension lifestyle. 


With the booming growth in social media accessibility and usage today this challenge had even grown to become one that has almost become and endemic national crisis of identity, direction and aspiration. This is largely fueled by higher levels of and exposure to unhealthy tv and media content which leaves a subliminal message imprint on the mind of the viewers who in turn start to adjust themselves to fit into the mould for what become the “acceptable norm” of behaviour or what is termed “cool” through the eyes of the Nigerian youths. 


The Next Titan Nigeria is Nigeria’s foremost entrepreneurial reality TV show which looks to empower young Nigerian entrepreneurs with the requisite information, knowledge and business training to stand them in great stead to start their dream businesses. 


The show has been running consistently for the past 5 years and has empowered five young Nigerian entrepreneurs to start their dream businesses which are today adding value to the Nigerian economy and also creating employment opportunities for more Nigerians. This is quite remarkable as other international entrepreneurial show franchises have been brought into Nigeria but due to reasons which are the best known to the organizers could not be sustained, yet the Next Titan Nigeria has stayed consistent and committed to her goal which is to empower young Nigerians with the tools, training, and funding required to live their dream . 


Without a doubt, the knock-on effect of having such an impactful and educative show on TV with widespread publicity and widespread acceptance is that more youths will be inspired to pursue their dreams, make a conscious effort to live value-driven and purposeful lives as well as generally improving the commitment to strong, positive values in the society generally. 


The show was created by Mr. Mide Kunle Akinlaja, who is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Bravopoints International Limited, and is currently the Executive Producer of the show, himself a seasoned entrepreneur while the Board that mentors and judges the final 16 contestants who make it into the Next Titan Academy include;


  1. Mr. Kyari Bukar who is the Board Chairman and the Founder/CEO, Trans-Sahara Investment Corporation 
  2. Mr. Tonye Cole who is also a seasoned entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO, Sahara Energy Group
  3. Mr. Chris Parkes, an entrepreneur who is the Founder of CPMS Africa. He has over e decades worth of entrepreneurial experience spanning Europe and Africa. 
  4. Mrs. Lilian Olubi, an experienced investment manager with over 2 decades of business experience in the capital market and is the CEO, EFG Hermès Nigeria Limited, as well as a founding partner and member of the Board of Directors of Primera Africa Finance Group. 


This season’s last 16 contestants were chosen from across 4 different audition venues in Nigeria i.e. Enugu, Port-Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos out of a pool of over 18,000 applications received to be a part of this season of The Next Titan Nigeria.


This year’s last 16 are;


  1. Olatunde Kuti
  2. Clinton Nnaji
  3. Racheal Airewele
  4. Abisoye Alagbe
  5. Chizoba Ejike
  6. Victor Ani-Laju
  7. Olatunde Fadahunsi
  8. Ugochukwu Mbaka
  9. Hilda Afes
  10. Omeche Oko
  11. Harvey Oiku
  12. Anigala Kenneth 
  13. Catherine Agbo
  14. Oyeronke Shittu 
  15. Amifeoluwa Yakubu
  16. ‘Debiyi Ajayi  


They have been battling over the past seven (7) weeks for the title of The Next Titan Season 6, who stands to win a cash prize of Seven Million  Naira (N7,000,000) and a brand new Ford Figo. The winner will be announced at the Season 6 finale which is scheduled to take place on the 8th of December 2019.


The Next Titan Nigeria remains a huge contributor towards delivering the Nigeria of our dreams and be the launchpad for a hall of fame of businessmen and women who will boost the nation’s economy and become employers of labor. 


In all, we are confident to say that The Next Titan Nigeria is the optimum cocktail of business, fun, adventure and suspense. Without a doubt, The Next Titan Nigeria Reality TV show is indeed worth watching…

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