June 24, 2021 All Things Fintech in Africa

Master Card Extends its Engage Programmme to Target Africa’s FinTech Community

Master Card has extended its engage programme to Sub-saharan Africa, with events lined up to be held in Nigeria and Kenya.  Most importantly, this is  to introduce its broad partnership opportunities to local FinTech innovators.


What is Master Card’s engage?


Engage is a global and development programme building digital payment technology ecosystems to enhance speed in the market. The  aim of the programme is  to connect financial institutions, merchants and IOT manufacturers with the right technology partners who can make payment solutions available for customers and businesses.


How Master Card’s Engage began?


 Fintechs in Africa find it difficult  to harness digital innovation that offer secured and convenient solutions to the typical banking problems. In 2017, Master Card however had launched “the engage” to meet the needs of payment solutions providers in Africa. And in turn empower individuals and businesses. Currently, Master Card has its payment services in 210 countries.  And recently is launching its engage platform in Sub-saharan Africa including in Kenya and Nigeria. Which enables vendors to deploy digital wallet, facilitate tokenization, instant payments, and mobile point of sale.


What happens next?


With the partnership, more people would be connected, become more mobile and technologically savvy. Therefore, Master card is seeking to integrate technology with financial solutions. And having a local  partnership which supports its vision of innovating locally. Also creating physical connections for customers who use their services.


Furthermore, aside  being connected with possible customers, the engage technology partners would have their service solutions ranked, reviewed and listed in the engage directories.  While also getting  access to engage-specific training through the “academy for engage” education and training programmes. As well as regional events that provide updates on Master card’s value propositions, product strategy and market priorities.  Nevertheless, the partnerships with regional fintechs with deep understanding of the local environment assists in delivering relevant payment solutions that empower communities.

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