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How to be a Paga Agent and Make Extra Income


Paga is a payment platform where you can send and receive money, make and receive payments, buy and send airtime wherever. But do you know you can also make money as a Paga agent?  Being an agent requires little time while you  make extra income. It is a convenient and stress-free side hustle one can indulge in. Despite the 9-5 bustle and driving through long traffics, having to work as an agent is one of the ways to smartly upgrade financially while working short hours.


About Paga


Paga is a payment system which allows Nigerians to transfer funds using their money phones. It is accessible in any locations in Nigeria and across different countries.  Most importantly, it is designed to make mobile payments accessible. A digital mobile money bank empowering people to send and receive money, as well as creating simple financial access for everyone.


Who is a Paga Agent?   

A Paga agent is the hands and feet, through them the Paga company can make physical connection with communities for payment related issues. Moreover, they are act as independent retailers who are well-trained and have the official authorization to offer solutions to the payment needs of the users.  As a Paga agent, you are expected to perform tasks such as;

  • Registration of new clients
  • Offering  solution to Users
  • Completing financial transactions of your clients
  • Offering to help users navigate how to load cash into their account or withdraw cash.


How to become an Agent 

To be successful in this line of business, like any other business, requires some perseverance and consistency.  The paga agent registration is simple and does not take time. Before to be a Paga agent, you only needed to fill the form on the Paga website with steps on how to become a agent; however the form have been brought down . So, to become an agent you need to directly show interest and send an email.


  • Simply send an email to [email protected],com to state your interest in becoming a agent.
  • One of Paga’s Field representative will contact afterwards your email have been acknowledged for further instructions.
  • When don’t get a reply to your email after two weeks, you will need to resend your email

To be an agent, costs N20,000, and this fee covers the branding and the start-up fund. After your request has been approved a Paga representative will be assigned to train you. You can fund your agent account using the automated deposit at any partner bank, instant bank transfer into your Paga Wallet, or through NIBSS e-Bills pay in any bank branch, GT collections, GTbank 737.


Benefits of being an Agent

  • You get access to quality training by Paga and affiliate companies and other incentives
  • Receive commissions
  • Increase traffic to your existing business.


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