A few weeks ago, Airtel announced its partnership with MasterCard. Giving over 100 million Airtel Africa mobile phone users across 14 African countries access to Master Card’s global network.

The MasterCard Virtual Card

The MasterCard Virtual Card is a digital payment tool which allows Airtel Money customers, even those without a bank account, to make payments to, local and global online merchants that accept MasterCard.  Also, Airtel Money customers will be able to make payments physically at designated outlets via Quick Response (QR) codes.  The payment is secured and effected when it is made from an Airtel mobile phone by scanning the QR code displayed at checkout or by inputting a merchant identifier.

The Partnership

  • Partnership will connect millions of Airtel Money customers on a global online market place. Across multiple digital payment platforms, users will have access to Mastercard’s global network of merchants.
  • Airtel Money customers, even those without a bank account, can make online payment globally with just their Airtel Money Mastercard virtual card.
  • MasterCard’s enabling infrastructure and propositions will enable a superior digital experience which Africa consumers are aspiring to and by so doing ultimately drive greater adoption and usage for the Airtel Money customers.
  • Airtel Money customers will also benefit from competitive pricing and preferential exchange rates for international payments and gain access to other domestically relevant use which include; bill payments, merchant’s payments and value added service such as cash management solutions.



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