United Bank Africa (UBA) PlC has launched the service of its Chabot, Leo on Apple Business Chat, where its users can communicate directly with businesses using the messages app on their Iphone or Ipad. The new feature on Apple Business chat will allows its users enjoy same services as they are on other platforms. Through Apple Business Chat, they can access the services of LEO, open an account, buy airtime, check account balance, make account transfers and pay bills.  With the business chat, customers can always reach a live person and are always in control of whatever information they share.

In a statement prior to the announcement, Mr. Kennedy Uzoka, Group managing Director of UBA stated at the launch, “As a brand focused on providing excellent customer experience, we are always looking for ways to serve our customers easily and on time. Most of our customers prefer iOS and we always want to exceed their expectations when they experience UBA. Apple business chat makes communicating with us as a messaging a friend, so we expect it will quickly become our customers’ preferred service channel.”



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