Quick Cash is a loan service launched by Guaranty Trust Bank (GTbank). It was introduced to allow salary earners with a 9 to 5 or self-employed individuals to get instant credit and pay back at a later date.  However, Quick Cash is more than just another digital loaning service. It focuses more on what scares most customers away from borrowing, that’s high interest rates.

At a monthly interest rate of 1.75%, customers can get credit in their account within 2 minutes from the comfort of their homes. In addition, collaterals are not needed to process your loan or to make you eligible to apply for a Quick Credit loan.

Customers don’t need any pre-qualifications which is a requisite from traditional banks. However, GTBank account holders who are salary earners or self employed can access these loans. They must maintain a monthly lodgment of N20,000 or earn a minimum net monthly salary of N10,000.

How it works?

Quick Cash is targeted mostly at income earners who are short of funds in anyway and also non-income earners.  For salary earners, the minimum loan amount they are eligible for is up 5 million naira.  While for self-employed individuals, the minimum loan amount is up to one million naira. After a user registered on Quick Cash, they gain access to a loan with a convenient repayment plan over 6-12 months.

How to apply:

  • To join the Quick Cash, users can dial *737*51*51#.
  • The Quick Credit is available on all GTBank online and mobile banking platforms (internet banking, GTworld, GTBank mobile App and Habari App).




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