What is PesaLink?

Pesalink is a payment system launched by the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA). This is a digital solution which offers bank-to-bank transfers at a relatively low cost in Kenya. It is a rather convenient way to fasten interbank transfers.

How it works? 

Pesalink is available both on online banking, mobile app and USSD mobile banking.  Users can transact either using SCB online banking to send money through Pesalink. Or transact on Pesalink using USSD mobile banking.

Services available on Pesalink:

  • Efficient, secure and fast interbank money transfers. You can transfer a minimum Kshs 10 to a maximum of Ksh 999,999 to another person.
  • Transfer of funds from your bank account to your mobile phone.
  • Transfer of foreign currencies. Currencies available on Pesalink include euro, US Dollar, and the British pound.
  • Payment of goods and services.


In February 2017, Pesalink was started by the Kenya Bankers Association through Integrated Payments Solutions. Its aim is to tackle the problems of linking retail payments. Asides, linking retail payments, PesaLink offers a couple of other solution. There are over 30 banks representing 99 per cent of the active bank accounts linked to the network they include;

  1. Citi Bank
  2. ABC bank
  3. Bank of Africa
  4. CBA
  5. Barclays Bank
  6. Credit Bank Ltd
  7. Consolidated Bank
  8. DTB
  9. Family Bank
  10. Equity Bank
  11. GT bank
  12. First Community Bank
  13. Guardian Bank
  14. Gulf African Bank
  15. I&M Bank
  16. Gulf African Bank
  17. Guardian Bank
  18. Habib Bank AG Zurich
  19. Jamil Bora Bank
  20. Nic Bank
  21. KCB Bank
  22. KWFT Bank
  23. Middle East Bank
  24. Prime Bank
  25. Spire Bank
  26. Sidian Bank
  27. Stanbic Bank
  28. Victoria Bank
  29. National Bank of Kenya
  30. Standard Chartered Bank.

Recently, PesaLink revenue hit Sh220b; this is a two-fold increase from the Sh87 billion transacted last year October. According to IPSL Chief Executive Agenes Gathaiya, Pesalink plans to go ten-fold.

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