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PayMyRent: 2 ways you can come up with your rent

PayMyRent is an online platform for solving our rent problems. When would I get my rent? Your rent is soon due. Your rent will expire soon, I’m writing to remind you about it.  These are horrors of being a tenant. Not having your rent as of when due. Or still very confused where the money will come from.

Sometimes, unexpected contingencies are inevitable. From trying to come up with rent without having to clash with your landlord. Or moving into a new apartment. Going bankrupt before your paycheck comes in.  It is a tough game playing in our head once in a year. How do you solve this? How prepared are you for when your rent is due?

With a number of banks, microfinance institutions, and private lenders, lending is a tedious and lengthy process. If it is a private lender, you have to do extensive research or visit each lender one after the other, to decide which one offers the best possible interest rate. By using PayMyRent, users can avoid all these complexities.

About PayMyRent

PayMyRent is an online platform offering users in Lagos loan facility for the purpose of house rent. However, this is beyond loans, users can also save up for their rent goal too. Damilare Ogunyemi launched PayMyRent in 2016, with the sole aim of tackling the issue associated with Lagos tenants handling their expensive rent fees. As its core value, PayMyRent, takes up the burden of paying for users their annual rent by providing loans with a monthly basis repayment plan. A  platform that gives the option of borrowing or saving their rent, now renters don’t have to worry about their rent anymore. Although, not just individual renters, but companies too, to be able to afford their staff’ accommodation.

Getting a Loan on PayMyRent

To get a loan on PayMyRent is pretty simple. And less complex. PayMyRent gives loans ranging from N 100,000 to 2,500, 000. The amount can be largely borrowed depending on one’s monthly salary. You should have worked for more than 6months in your present company or so too. Repayment takes about 3 to 1 month.

What are the terms and conditions of the loan

  1. Live and be employed in Lagos.
  2. Be a confirmed staff of a reputable company.
  3. Have a verified monthly income paid into a current account with a commercial bank in Nigeria

How it works

In order to complete a successful loan request, you’ll be required to present:

  • 6 months bank statement showing the last six salary entries; a copy of employment letter/letter of confirmation/recent promotion letter.
  • NURAN Compliant post-dated cheque from salary account/direct debit mandate for savings account; recent utility bill;
  • 2 recent passport photos and a copy of staff identity card; a copy of the pension statement or Tax ID Number.

Of course, interest rates — range from about 3 to 6% —  depending on the user’s previous credit rating.

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PayMyRent’s Ajo Scheme

The Ajo Scheme is similar to the normal traditional saving scheme. Thus, it is a convenient way of saving towards your rent goal/target while enjoying amazing 10% per annum interest rate.

How it works

With 10,000 you can start an Ajo Saving plan.

  • To start, first, fill the application form on their website www.paymyrent/ajo
  • State the amount of your house rent, let say, 120,000.
  • You are only required to save up to 90% for 10 months.
  • PayMyRent will pay the 10% balance.
  • Then, PayMyRent pays 120,000 to you or your landlord for the house rent.

Coming up with house rent especially in the cosmopolitan cities is every renter’s worse nightmare. From dealing with third-party agents to parting ways with huge amounts for rent, the experience could prove gruesome. With PayMyRent, all these challenges are limited.

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