Owen Diana Omogiafo is a successful business leader and strategist who hails from Nigeria. She serves as the President and Group Chief Executive Officer of Transnational Corporation of Nigeria, a multinational conglomerate with major investments in the Power, Hospitality, and Oil and Gas industries.

The Background of Owen Omogiafo

Owen Omogiafo Biography

In the year 1981, Owen Omogiafo was born im Benin City, located in Edo State, Nigeria. Benin City is where she completed her primary, secondary, and university education. Her parents instilled in her the value of a respectable reputation over material wealth. The trip that she has been on can be summed up in a single, guiding idea.

A Brief History of Education

Owen Omogiafo graduated from the University of Benin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Anthropology. He then went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Human Resources from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the United Kingdom, in addition to being a qualified Change Manager from the Prosci Institute in the United States and having executive training from Harvard.

Owen Omogiafo Career

In 2003, Mrs. Owen began her professional life in the role of relationship manager for the bond bank. It was in 2004 when she started working as an HP consultant for Accenture; she left the company in 2008 to take a position as the HR Advisor for the United Bank for Africa.

Following that, in the year 2010, Owen Omogiafo was promoted to the position of Human Resources Director at Heirs Holdings Ltd. He went on to become the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Tony Elumelu Foundation in the years that followed.

In 2018, Mrs. Owen moved on from her job as Executive Director at the foundation to take on the role of Executive Director at the Transnational Corporation of Nigeria (Transcorp Plc). Owen Omogiafo’s professional life was elevated by the achievement of yet another significant milestone.

Transcorp Plc made the announcement that she would be taking over as President and GCEO of the firm on February 12, 2020. Owen Omogiafo has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that perseverance and labor pay off. The day that her appointment would become effective is the 25th of March in 2020.

The Transnational Corporation of Nigeria, Public Limited Company (Transcorp Plc)

The Transnational Corporation of Nigeria was officially established as a legal entity on November 16th, 2004. The Nigerian Stock Exchange is home to around 300,000 investors that make up the company’s shareholder base at the moment.

The mission of the company is to purchase and manage strategically important businesses with the goal of increasing long-term shareholder returns and having an impact on the economy. Its primary commercial interests are concentrated in the electricity, energy, hospitality, and agricultural sectors of the economy.

The company operates a number of notable businesses, including the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja, Transcorp Hotels in Calabar, Teragro Commodities Limited, the operator of Nigeria’s first-ever juice concentrate plant at the Teragro Benfruit Plant, Transcorp Power, and Transcorp Energy Limited, amongst others.

Life Lesson From Owen Omogiafo Biography

Be a Person Who Has Integrity, Concentration, and Principles.

Owen Omogiafo is a man of high integrity, unwavering focus, and unwavering principles. These qualities have been important in her ascent to the highest rung of her professional ladder. She is the kind of person that bases her life and decisions on a set of guiding principles, and she never deviates from those values.

The principles of success that entrepreneurs should base their lives on. And they should do everything in their power to honor the values. Having a clear vision of the end result will not only help you do more than your competitors, but it will also set you apart from them.

You will always be suggested for available possibilities if people know you to be a person of high integrity and character.

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