Konga Pay is a pilot product launched by Konga.com in 2015 for online shoppers.  Shopping on Konga was made easier with Konga pay. Sometimes, to shop online, comes with a certain distrust. So there are  many questions bordering around online fraud. You can purchase a product, and never get it delivered. Or other times, your money is lost in transit.

I’m very skeptical about shopping online, similarly as many other Nigerians who have a disdain for buying things online. Although, shopping online relieves the stress you would have had touring a supermarket or a mall, it still has its challenges. From fraud and distrust, however, Konga Pay is an innovation unveiled to protect online shoppers.

Let’s meet Konga Pay

Similarly, Konga Pay is what Amazon is to online shoppers.  An one-click payment platform integrated with Eco bank, Access bank, FCMB bank, Diamond bank, Zenith Bank, Heritage Bank, UBA, First Bank, and GTB. Which allows for seamless movement of goods , services and payments. As it guarantees safety and trust, has eliminated the use of sentisive personal information such as internet banking passwords or card details.  Instead, a customer receives an authorization code that is secured and registered to the mobile phone number and a bank account.

How it works? 

Registration on Konga pay is simple and easy.

  • To get started, download the app on google play store or app store. Or sign up on the kongapay.com.

  • Enter your personal information. This includes your name and contact details.

  • The next step is to create a Pin and enter the verification code sent to your phone and you now  have a Kongapay account.

The requirement are divided into two levels:

KongaPay Classic:

– Name

– Phone number (Verified with One Time Password)

– Date of Birth

– Gender

– Home address

KongaPay Premium:

– Name

– Date of Birth

– Gender

– Home Address

– Card or Bank Account details


As a Konga Pay Calssic User, transactions can only be made when a Konga Pay user funds your wallet.

Konga Pay Classic and Konga Pay Premium

Konga Pay Classic:

  • Only a maximum of 10,000 per transaction is allowed.
  • For a day, it is a maximum limit of 100,000.
  • No transaction can be made if your wallet is not funded.
  • Your wallet can be only funded by a Konga Pay User.
  • It allows a  monthly discount of  1,000 maximum on any purchase on Konga.com, payment for airtime, DSTV and GOTV subscription.

Konga Pay Premium:

  • It allows a monthly discount of 2,000 maximum on any purchase on Konga.Com, payment for airtime, DSTV and GOTV subscription.
  • Your wallet can be funded by an account user or Konga Pay user.
  • Transactions can made if when your wallet is not funded.
  • A daily limit of 1, 000,000 transaction is allowed.
  • Only a maximum of 100,000 is allowed.

Auto Tv Subscription Renewal


How it works:


  • Click on TV subscription on the dashboard or select this from “services” on your mobile app.
  • Select your preferred TV subscription (DSTV or GOTV).
  • Key in your smartcard Number.
  • Choose your preferred bouquet.
  • Since you want the payment to auto renew monthly, tick the box for “Auto-renewal”
  • If you do not have a card information already, you will be prompted to update your card info.
  • You will be prompted to put in your pin and OTP (One Time Password).


The auto-renewal can be cancelled on the app or website. To cancel, click on active subscriptions .


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  1. I never knew that Konga Pay is a pilot product launched by Konga.com in 2015 for online shoppers. My aunt could use this app for her to may easy purchases and payments. I’ll share this post with her about innovative payments.

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