Jumia, an e-commerce platform for Africa backed by MTN and Rocket Internet has introduced new features on JumiaPay. The platform would focus on payments, microloans, and ticketing.


However, JumiaPay is offered in Nigeria, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Morocco and has been expanded beyond the Jumia  marketplace.


In December 31,2018, Jumia pay was only available within Jumia’s physical goods marketplace. Now its scope has been expanded beyond just Jumia, and is available within their on-demand services; Jumia Food, hotel booking portals and Jumia Travel in selected countries.


As it continues to expand its range of financial and digital services, its latest venture JumiaPay would now offer its users every day services such as micro-loans, event tickets and deals vouchers.


Jumia pay is a  third-party payment solution which provides a ‘more convenient’ payment method to its users. And now offers micro loans and ticketing options.

In Nigeria for instance, consumers can now access, micro-loans offered by a local genetic startup, alongside event tickets offered by a local event ticketing provider.

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