Recently, there is a funding trend among Fintech startups. From OPay, to GONA, funding is a new rave around securing a formidable capital for expansion.  The funding rounds are prerequisite structures in which at the end affords a startup company the required fund to run the affairs of its company.

Let’s meet VisaFront

VisaFront is a digital platform that lists vetted real estate investment opportunities for its users to fund. The platform allows people to make investments in real estate with the use of their mobile phones. With as little as N25,000 ($70) each, users are able to buy as many properties as they want and make a return  interest of 12 per cent.

Why the Funding

VisaFront has raised funding from Landway, a more traditional real estate investment firm. According to the VisaFront founder, Olawale Ayilara, he says the funding capital would used to foster expansion of the startups and list more projects.  However, Landway will also provide support and expertise to VisaFront, asides funding it. In return for an undisclosed amount of funding, it has taken a 25 per cent share in the business.


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