Neobanks In Kenya– As technology changes, the banking sector has been adopting new and innovative ways of doing business. Digital or challenger banks are the new wave across most countries. By offering customers better terms, they are taking over markets in many Africa countries including Kenya.

Unlike the traditional brick-and-mortar banks in Kenya, these neobanks offer the same banking services at less or no cost, with better customer service and focusing on disruptive products and features. If you are in Kenya, here are some neobanks you can sign up for.

5 Best Digital/ Neobanks In Kenya


With Eversend, you can send money across borders in the safest and most convenient way possible. Send money to loved ones in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and pay bills using Eversend, whether you’re outside or inside Africa.

Eversend, unlike banks, does not have hidden fees, inconvenient operating hours, or inflexible customer service. Instead, they provide prompt money transfers to mobile money, bank accounts, and free transfers between Eversend accounts at any time, from any location, with 24/7 support.

Fingo Africa

Fingo is a Neobank for Africa’s youth, and one of the best neobanks in Kenya. Fingo bank partners with Ecobank and offers services like current accounts, money transfers, bill payments, etc., it features link-based payments, saving goals, and real-time transactions.

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Umba is another reliable neobank in Kenya that allows users to apply, drawdown and repay loans directly from their smartphone. You can also add your utility accounts in the Umba App and finance your utility bills! Pay for water, electricity, internet, and more. Umba also allows users to send and save money without hassles.


Vooma is a KCB Bank Group financial mobile app and service that allows customers to access loans, send money to other VOOMA users, other mobile wallets like M-PESA and T-Kash and bank accounts.Vooma app is available on App store and Play Store


J-Hela is an innovative mobile platform that provides money saving and lending solutions. J-Hela enables you to save money, transfer funds, take loans, and many more.

You can open a J-Hela account in under 2 minutes. A J-Hela account lets you do your budgeting and perform any banking function. You can open a J-Hela account through the J-Hela app.

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