How To Use Zenith Internet Banking In Nigeria

Have you ever rushed to the bank to make a transfer only to be greeted by a very long queue? We decided to write on How To Use Zenith Internet Banking In Nigeria.

Well, you are not alone; everyone has experienced such but visiting banks to send money to loved ones or waling walking under the frying sun to buy a recharge card will be a thing of the past if you knew about online banking. 

Online Banking has made things very easy. You can pay bills, buy a movie ticket, recharge your phone, transfer money, pay utility bills from the comfort of your home. Many people are aware of the endless benefits of online banking, but only a few know how to make use of it. In this article, you will discover how to dive in the world of online banking in one of Nigeria’s leading bank- Zenith Bank.

Zenith Bank 

Zenith bank is arguably Nigeria’s biggest bank in terms of asset and customers. Using Zenith bank internet banking is no algebra; it is easy as ABC. To get started, you must be customer own a savings or current account with this financial organization. 

Zenith Bank Internet banking- The Registration Process.

Go through these steps, and you will find out that registration for Internet banking is effortless:

  • Step 1. Visit any Zenith bank branch and request for an internet banking form, or you can download from their website.
  • Step 2. If you choose to go to the bank, you can take the form home and filled it. After that, go back to the bank and submit it. But if you download the form online, after filling it, send it the email address provided or take it to nearest Zenith bank branch.
  • Step 3. Next, an access code, username, and password will be given to you immediately then the submission is confirmed. Please note you will be charged a token of 1500 for it.
  • Step 4. After doing all this, you are halfway to get started on using Zenith Bank Internet banking. What is left is to activate it. Read on to find how to do so.

Zenith Bank Internet Banking- The Activation Process

  • Step 1. With your smartphone or desktop, visit ( internet banking ) and find the login area. You can find it on the right hand of the page. 
  • Step 2. Input the access code, username, and password the bank gave to you and click on login. 
  • Step 3. Next, you will be notified to change the default password to a new one before you get things started. 
  • Step 4. Once you change it, log in with the access code, username, and password. Alternatively, you can also log in with your account number and password. 
  • Step 5. Finally, take your time and go through the internet banking platform to understand everything about your new online bank. 


Transfers between Zenith bank accounts won’t cost you a penny but transfers to other banks incur a few of N210. Before you raise your eyebrows, consider the amount of time you will wait on a long queue as well as your transport to the bank if it is far from your home. Think about it, letting go of N210 is bad after all. Also, there the daily limit of transfer is N2,000,000. 

Getting to use Zenith Internet banking is easier than you thought, right? Follow these steps to experience a new, secure and convenient way of banking.

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