It is undeniable, reading this article suggests you are seeking details on how you can register, login, reset your password, and check your First National Bank in Ghana internet banking account balance.

Well, here is the best place you can get every detail about FNB online banking in Ghana.

We will give you the most straightforward and more elementary way you can register for the service in a twinkle of an eye.

We have no more time to rant, let’s move onto the real deal.

Let’s find out what you must get before you can apply for First National Bank internet banking in Ghana.

Requirements For FNB Internet Banking Registration In Ghana

FNB Online Banking Ghana

The following are the requirements for the FNB Ghana internet banking application.

1. You should get an active bank account with FNB Ghana.

2. Your bank account details

3. ATM card details ( optional)

4. Identity Card

If you have any of the documents listed above, you are a step closer to having an internet banking account with First National Bank in Ghana.

Let’s see how you will register for the service.

How To Register For FNB Ghana Online Banking Service

Register For FNB Online Banking Account

Here is how to register for an FNB Bank internet banking account in Ghana:

1. Go to the official website of FNB Ghana below

2. Scroll down and click on the “Ways To Bank” tab.

3. Click on “Online banking“.

4. Again click on “Register Now” to sign-up for the FNB bank internet banking account.

5. You will have three options to do your registration, but we will use the account number in our case.

6. Select “Register with my account number.”

7. Select “Ghana” as your country.

8. Type in your ID card type, this must be one you used to open your FNB account.

9. Enter your FNB ID number.

10. Now input in your FNB account number.

11. Click and read the terms and conditions. Make sure you have understood.

12. After reading their terms and conditions, if you want to continue the registration, tick the empty box.

13. Next, click on Continue.

14. Follow the guide on the next page to complete your FNB Bank online banking registration.

That is how your register for First National Bank internet banking in Ghana.

Now that you have completed your registration and have your account details, you should log into your account.

How To Log Into Your FNB Banking Account In Ghana

To Your Bank Account Online

Follow the guides below if you want to log into your online banking account of FNB bank.

  • Visit the FNB online banking site here
  • Enter your internet banking Username.
  • Type in your FNB password.
  • Click on the Login button to sign in to your bank account.
  • Your account will open if you entered the correct login details.

It is so simple, and within a minute, you have logged into your FNB internet banking account online.

What is more, sometimes you can accidentally lose your password due to many reasons.

When that happens, it becomes impossible to log into the account.

So, what can you do when you lose your password?

Yes, it is straightforward, reset your FNB bank internet banking password.

How can you reset your online banking password?

If you want to know read below.

How To Reset Your First National Bank Ghana Internet Banking Account Password

Follow these steps to change or reset your FNB Bank Ghana internet banking account online:

Change Your FNB Bank Password

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Forgot username or password” button.
  3. A list of reset options will display, click on reset password only.
  4. Enter your FNB internet banking Username.
  5. Type in the number of your Identity Card (ID) you used to register for the online banking service.
  6. Click on Continue to change your password.
  7. Follow the simple instructions in the next section to recover your FNB online password.

You have seen how in a few simple steps, you can reset your FNB Bank Ghana internet banking password.

Are you aware you must check your account balance frequently?

Yes, it is perfect as it helps you to monitor your transactions.

Read below to find out how to verify your account balance.

How To Check Your FNB Account Balance Online In Ghana

If you want to check your First National Bank (FNB) internet banking account online, then follow the simple steps below:

  • Open your web browser on your phone or computer and go to FNB Ghana online banking website here
  • Enter your online banking username.
  • Key in your secured password.
  • Click on Login.
  • Once you are logged in to your internet banking account, select the account number you want to view its balance.
  • In the window that appears, your current balance will be displayed.

Checking your FNB bank account balance is as easy as you have just seen.

You have read a lot about First National Bank online banking, but do you know what the features available on the service are?.

Find out below.

Features Of First National Bank Internet Banking Service

The following are some key features of FNB internet banking in Ghana:

1. Manage your bank account 24/7 online any day anytime, anywhere.

2. Pay your bill instantly with FNB online banking.

3. Send and receive money in and out of FNB.

4. View your account information online.

5. Check your transaction history over a period.

6. Access your bank statement ONline at any time.

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