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CowryWise: How to Travel With Cowrywise


Cowrywise is a digital bank whose sole existence is to make banking easier.  With Cowrywise, one can save and invest in mutual funds as low as 100 naira. Even traditional banks are swerving towards finance technology as the new craze of the moment.

For Cowrywise, they are constantly evolving; In May, the startup launched an option that allows Nigerians to invest in mutual funds as low as 100 naira. And it also rolled out Stash, which allows its users the many ways to fund their investments on Cowrywise.  Now it has deviated to making travel affordable for adventurous lovers with Cowrywise travel.

What’s Cowrywise Travel?

We have a lot of places we wish to visit. Dream vacation spots we always have wished to explore but we can’t afford. So, basically Cowrywise Travel is an option is available and allows its users to be able to pay for travel. However, the startup have curated affordable travel packages with travel advisors(Bougie Travels, Grosvenor Travels, Naija Nomads and TVP Adventures) to enable its users travel to their dream vacation on a budget. The travel package cover experiences around Africa and beyond. Therefore, the cowrywise travel was created as a travel hub offering you the finest travel experiences which you can pay for in bits.


How it works?

The Cowrywise travel is an option available on the app. The option allows you to book a dream vacation by joining the Saving Circle which have created by the travel advisor.  How you can join the saving circle in three steps:

  • You will have to visit cowrywise.com/travel on your browser, click and load the URL.
  • Then you will have to browse through travel experiences. This allows you to make a choice, almost like picking an ice-cream flavor. Find your taste and explore it.
  • When you have found your experience, click the “Join Circle” and start saving for your dream vacation.

Note: For each travel experience, there are saving circle available for it.  Which would allow you to pay in bits, weekly for whatever experience you have chosen. The Saving Circle is an automatic periodic savings towards your travel goal which payment can’t be reversed. You can also download the Cowrywise app on play store to get started.



The Dream Vacations you can now afford with Cowrywise


  • Experience AfroNation Festival: The AfroNation Festival is an urban music festival. A party likely to happen in Accra, Ghana with Burna Boy, Davido and Wizkid while enjoying the magic of the Labadi Beach. The travel package is a 5-day (27 Dec- 30 Dec, 2019) vacation package to Ghana. When you join the saving circle you can save 15,909 naira weekly from august 2nd – November 3oth. The payment would cover your accommodation, return tickets, and your tickets to the afro nation festivals tickets.
  • Experience Seychelles & Ethiopia: This experience is a 7 days trip around Seychelles and Ethiopia from 22 Dec-29 Dec, 2019. When you begin to save 58,475 naira weekly from August 2nd to November  2nd, it will cover expenses from an Economy Flight, a shared accommodation at Berjaya, Beau Vallon bay Resort in Seychelles, Daily breakfast, Airport Transfers, e.t.c.
  • Experience Ivory Coast: The saving duration is 2nd august to November 1oth which allows to save 32,200 weekly to cover flight, accommodations, breakfast, tours and logistics.  The experience includes a visit to the Basilica of our Lady of peace, a trip to the beach, trying out cuisines e.t.c.
  • Experience Benin, Togo & Ghana: is a 6 days, and a 5 night’s trip exploring Benin, Togo and Ghana, around the Kpalime Waterfall in Togo, Ghana and the Cape Coast. You can save 15,217 per week from august 2nd to December 5, 2019.

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