What is an Ecobank Xpress Account?

Ecobank Xpress account is one of the safest methods of transporting money for both corporate and personal transactions to use cashless payment systems.

As a result, one of the greatest mobile accounts for the mobile generation is the Ecobank account, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. This post will walk you through the process of opening and getting your Account.

Xpress account

Although numerous financial institutions provide mobile banking services to their consumers, the simplicity with which Ecobank Ghana Xpress Cash may be used is remarkable.

Xpress Cash stands apart from the competition because of the high-quality services it provides to its consumers.

What Can You Do With an Xpress Account?

Ecobank Xpress is a mobile banking service provided by Ecobank, and the benefits enjoyed by customers who have an Xpress account in Ghana

  • An easy way to send and receive money through the Xpress account
  • An easy withdrawal process without having to stand in long lines at the bank
  • Purchasing mobile airtime or credit
  • Paying your bills
  • Purchasing travel tickets

Xpress Account: How Does It Work?

Customers who have an Xpress account may conduct interpersonal transactions with one another. For example, the account creates a withdrawal e-token that may be shared with other persons to make money from an Ecobank ATM or Cashless Payment Point near them.

Do I need an Account to Open Xpress Account?

This account type is available to both Ecobank Ghana account holders and those who do not have an Ecobank account at this time.

The only thing you need to do is download the Ecobank Mobile App and open an Xpress account, which you can do without visiting any of the nearby branch locations.

How to Open Xpress  Account

How to deposit money in Xpress Account

Funding your account is not possible at Ecobank branches; instead, you can only fund your Xpress account by electronic money transfers or by making a cash deposit at an Xpress Point. Ecobank offices do not accept cash deposits.

Xpress Account Withdrawal Requirements

The following are the essentials that must be provided to be able to withdraw money from an Xpress account

  • Smartphone with an active Internet
  • Smartphone with active Internet connectivity
  • Ecobank Mobile App with an active Xpress account
  • Active Xpress account

How To Make A Withdrawal From Your Xpress Account

You must follow the precise instructions outlined below to withdraw money from your account.

how to withdraw from the Xpress account

  • Step #1: Open the Ecobank Mobile App on your smartphone and log in
  • Step #2: You’ll be provided with six (6) essential transaction buttons when you first open the Ecobank Mobile App.
  • Step #3: Select the Xpress Cash button from among the Six (6) transaction choices that appear on the screen.
  • Step #4: Select either an Xpress Agent Point or an ATM as your point of withdrawal on the new screen.
  • Step #5: You will get a notification on your screen stating that you do not have an active e-token.
  • Step #6: Click on the Generate e-token button to get started.
  • Step #7: Enter the amount you want to withdraw, which may be anything between GHS 20 and GHS 5,000.
  • Step #8: Select the purpose for which the withdrawal request money is to be used.
  • Step #9: Press the Save button to save your work.
  • Step #10: On the next page, you will get a confirmation message that includes your eight-digit e-token as well as the amount of the withdrawal request.
  • Step #11: After that, click on the Done button.
  • A further confirmation SMS will be issued to you confirming that the amount of the withdrawal request has been withdrawn from your account.
  • Take note of your e-token identification number.
  • Locate the closest Ecobank ATM or Xpress Agent Point, depending on your preferred method of withdrawal from the bank.

At Ecobank ATM

  • Locate and depress the Xpress cash button on your keyboard.
  • Enter your eight-digit e-token in the appropriate field and click on the continue button.
  • Press the Enter button after entering the anticipated amount to be taken from the ATM. Your cash will be withdrawn from the ATM.

 At the Xpress Agent Point

  • Inform the customer service representative at the bank that you want to make an Xpress cash withdrawal.
  • Inform the Xpress agent of your generated e-token.

You will get your money when your withdrawal has been processed by the agency.

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