Do you want to own a Calbank ATM card, or do you want to know how you can use it for various banking and retail services?

Then worry no more because this guide is all that you need. In this guide, you will be provided with all the vital information you need on the Calbank ATM card in Ghana. 

Electronic banking into mainstream banking in Ghana has been one of the profound initiatives that deserve applause.

Since its introduction, it has reduced the use of physical cash in our daily endeavors, which has minimized the risk of theft. Who will never want something like this?

Calbank has more than enough ATM outlets in Ghana to serve the financial needs of its customers.

This means you rarely run out of the possibility of finding a Calbank ATM to use. Also, even in instances where you cannot locate Cal Bank ATM, its card can be used on other local automated teller machines.

With their card, you can make payments for goods and services online without any physical cash.

Their ATM operates 24/7, and this means you can use your card at any time.

With all the above essential information on the CalBank card, let’s now head down to how you can get one in Ghana.

But just before that, let me serve you on what you will need before using the card.

Requirements To The ATM Card

CalBank ATM Card

Below are the requirements to get an ATM card from any Calbank branch in Ghana:

1. You need to have an active account with Calbank

2. Electronic mail

3. Accounts number and name

4. Fill the Calbank card application form.

5. Card issuance fee of GHS 10.00

How To Apply For A CalBank ATM Card

Follow the steps below to secure a Calbank ATM card:

1. Go to any Calbank branch near you

2. Request from any Calbank staff you want to get their ATM card

3. You will be directed to the Customer Care desk.

4. The card application form will be given to you to fill.

5. Please provide all the needed information on it and submit it. 

6. The agent will continue with the rest of the application process.

7. Your card issuance fee will be collected upon receiving the ATM card. 

How Much Does It Cost To GeT CalBank ATM Card

Calbank charges an amount of GHS 10.00 for issuing an ATM card to its customers. That means that before you can get an ATM card from CalBank in Ghana you must pay an issuance fee of GHS 10.

Benefits Of CalBank Card

Usage of Calbank ATM card comes with numerous advantages, including:

  • Improved security when carrying out financial transactions
  • The deposit is credited instantly into your account. 
  • Operates 24/7
  • Reduce the risk of theft 

CalBank ATM Card Services

The following are some of the services Calbank card can be used for:

  • Withdrawing Cash
  • Depositing funds
  • Checking account balance
  • Paying for goods and services online
  • Paying for products at the shop. 
  • Mini-statement request

Can I Change The Spending Limit For My ATM Card

Yes, Calbank offers all its cardholders the opportunity to change the daily spending limit for their cards. So, you can expand your card transaction limit at any time.

How To Increase Your ATM Card Spending Limit

Follow the steps below to change the spending limit of your Calbank ATM card:

1. Visit any Calbank branch 

2. Request to change the limit of your ATM card

3. You will be given the spending limit request form.

4. Provide the necessary information needed from you on it

5. State your reason why you want to change your ATM card limit

6. Submit the forms to the customer care agent to complete the process

How Much Is Charge for Using The Card

A monthly fee of GHS 2.50 is charged for using the services of Cal Bank ATM card. This fee is charged automatically from your Cal Bank account at the end of the month.

How To Deposit Cash Into Your Account Using Cal Bank ATM Card

With your CalBank ATM card and your money with you, follow these steps to deposit:

  1. Go to any CalBank ATM outlet neat your 
  2. Insert your card into the card slot
  3. Choose deposit/cash-in from the menu screen. 
  4. Follow the onscreen process to insert your money into the deposit slot.
  5. Make sure you insert notes with their long ends first into the deposit slot.
  6. Confirm your deposit into the preferred account by selecting the account details and entering your PIN
  7. Upon confirmation, the amount is instantly deposited in your account.

The notes accepted in the CalBank cash-in ATMs in Ghana are GHS1, GHS2, GHS5, GHS10, GHS20, and GHS50. This means when you insert into the deposit slot GHS100.00 or GHS200.00 note, it will reject.

What To Do If Your Calbank ATM Is Missing

Visit any Calbank branch near you and notify them about your situation so that they can deactivate your card. 

You then opt for replacing your ATM card by filling the card application form from the customer service agent.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace ATM Card

Calbank charges a GHS 10.00 for replacing lost ATM cards, and this is the same amount as going for a new ATM card. 

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