Wallet is an app that enables you to make quick financial decisions daily. With ease and convenience, banking has been made as simple as ABC. Nevertheless, you don’t have  worry about long queues, paper work or even card maintenance fees.  Why wouldn’t you live up to your best personal and financial experience when banking is simplified? No need to walk long distances to make payments of any purchase with the wallet.ng app you can pay.  Or even when you realize you are not with your card with Wallet your bills are sorted out.


The Beginning:

John Oke , founder of Wallet, is a computer science graduate from the University of IIorin.  He built other types of wallet-type solutions for Wema Bank and Surebids. While  interning in the business automation department for the former and as a senior software engineer for the latter.  The idea of wallet  was to proffer an innovative way of providing an improved and better financial products and services beyond the basic deposits and transfers that traditional banks offered.   He previously co-founded Ngfeeds.com, a news aggregating platform that uses pattern matching algorithms to get news, gossips and content every minute from the most visited website in Nigeria before the existence of wallet.

The Problem Wallet is Aiding to Solve

Many payment and digital solutions exist to allow people  make payments and transfer money. Even though, wallet  isn’t necessarily new or in vogue. Wallet  is however  leveraging on the idea of a better digital experience while giving access to other services that may not be available in Nigeria. What do you want to access? Is to pay for your Apple music? Make payment for your Coursera course; buy gadgets on Aliexpress and book hotels online. Imagine on a Saturday,when you decide to chill and Netflix, then it happens that your subscription has expired, you can as well grab your phone and open the Wallet app, and make a Netflix subscription payment. Whatever, you want to do, pay for an Udacity course, book an apartment on AirBnb, you don’t have to face the chance of your bank card not working on these platforms.

Some of Wallet’s Cool Features

Wallet is  an online service targeting students, entrepreneurs, young professional and expats to provide itself as a core alternative against traditional banks. Most importantly , it  allows you send money to your friends and family, pay bills or buy airtime. Make secure international payments with your virtual dollar card. Whether it is a spotify, drop box, Amazon service.


The Wallet App’s fingerprint authorization :  

Wallet seem to have keyed into the rave of the moment. You can authorize transactions with your fingerprint on the app now.  And also you don’t have to make up complex passwords anymore. With the new Fingerprint feature on the app, which is super fast, slick and secured, you can easily pay bills and send money to someone without you trying to remember your login details.  The fingerprint option can be turned on and off too, it depends on what you really want.

Wallet’s Chat:

Wallet has also keyed into Artificial Intelligence’s new innovation “the chatbots”.  The personalized customer care feature is a live support on the wallet app, which allows you to chat instead of sending emails to complain .

Low Charges:

With Wallet you can send money to any bank account in Nigeria for as low as 25 naira after the first three transactions in a month. Forty naira for the first transfer, thirty-five naira for the second transfer and thirty naira for the third transactions. Then, 25 naira throughout the month.

The Wallet Dollar Card:

From your dashboard you create a dollar card within the app. And you can also fund your local naira card or bank account.  Put in the amount you want in dollars and it automatically deducts the Naira equivalent from your account. The wallet dollar card comes with its own US billing address, CVV and valid expiry date. Although you can’t use your  virtual money on any cryptocurrency trading websites to buy bit coins or virtual currencies but you can renew your Netflix subscription, upgrade your dropbox storage, buy new songs on spotify or pay for a zoho account.


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