In this article, I will show you All Nigerian Bank USSD codes for recharging your phones.  Bank USSD codes are special codes that help to recharge your line when you are out of airtime. Bank USSD transfer Codes can be used to transfer money from one bank to another, it can be used to pay for NEPA bills, DSTV and GOTV bills.

But in this article, I am talking about how to recharge your mobile phone airtime through Bank USSD codes. We are in the technology era where things we thought to be impossible before can now be conveniently done on our mobile Phones. You don’t have to visit recharge card sellers just to recharge your MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9mobile Lines. Banks in Nigeria have made it possible to dial some codes to buy airtime, data and even pay bills. It is that easy now.

All Nigerian Bank USSD codes for recharging your phones

I will list the banks that already have this technology in place. So below you will find all the codes you need to recharge your line.

How to Buy Airtime Via Access Bank USSD code

To get started Dial *901# and follow the instructions that display on the screen, First time user might be required to register
To buy Airtime from Access Bank,  Dial *901*Amount# and Send Eg: *901*5000#. The daily Limit is ₦5,000 Naira.

How to Buy Airtime Via First Bank of Nigeria USSD code

To buy an Airtime or recharge card from First Bank of Nigeria Dial *894# first-time users will be required to register.
To buy Airtime, dial *894*amount# E.g. *894*200# Daily Limit is ₦3,000 Naira.

How to Buy Airtime Via Diamond Bank USSD code

To buy recharge from Diamond Bank, Dial *302# to register first. Then to Recharge your phone, Dial *302*amount # E.g: *302*700#
Diamond Yello Account holders can easily Dial *710*555*Phone no*Amount*PIN# to recharge.

How to Buy Airtime Via GTBank USSD code

Recharging your phone through GTB is very easy, the USSD for GTB works instantly you opened an account and you can receive alert messages on your line you can proceed to start using the GTB USSD code to buy airtime and transfer money. To Buy a Recharge card just dial *737*amount# and SEND. E.g. *737*200#

If you want to recharge your second number or for friends and family, dial *737*Amount*Phone no#. E.g. *737*1000*08077322111#. Then, verify the transfer by entering the last four digits of your ATM card. The daily Limit is ₦5,000 Naira

How to Buy Airtime Via Fidelity Bank USSD code

Fidelity bank customers dial *770#  to register first, follow the instruction on the screen. To buy airtime, dial *770*amount# and SEND. E.g. *770*500#. To recharge for family and friends, dial *770*Phone no*Amount#. E.g. *770*07053433722*500#. The daily Limit is ₦5,000 Naira

How to Buy Airtime Via UBA Bank USSD code

United Bank for Africa (UBA) customers should dial Dial *919*phone number*amount# E.g *919*081557676777*200#

How to Buy Airtime Via Union Bank USSD code

For Union Bank of Nigeria customers, Dial *389# to follow the on-screen instructions. To buy Airtime, just dial *389*032*amount#. E.g to recharge your phone with N1000 dial *389*032*1000#

How to Buy Airtime Via FCMB Bank USSD code

As a First City Monument Bank customer to buy airtime using the FCMB USSD codes, Dial *322*214*amount# and press send E.g: *322*214*500#

How to Buy Airtime Via Eco Bank USSD code

Eco bank Nigeria customers who want to recharge their phone can quickly dial *326*Amount# E.g. *326*500#. If your phone number is yet to be registered dial *326# and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Recharge your line Via Heritage Bank USSD code 

To recharge your mobile phone line if you are using Heritage bank, Dial *322# and follow the instruction to register your number.
Then, if you want to buy airtime, Dial *322*030*Amount#. E.g.  To Recharge N200 simply dial *322*030*200#

How to Recharge your line Via  Keystone Bank USSD code

To buy Airtime from Keystone Bank USSD code, register your number first by Dialling *322#. Then proceed to buy the amount card you need.  Dial *322*082*Amount#. Eg: To buy N500 dial *322*082*500#.

How to Recharge your line Via Standard Chartered Bank USSD code

Standard Chartered Bank who wants to recharge his or her should first register the number for Standard bank USSD for recharging of airtime by dialling *389#. To buy Airtime Dial *389*068*amount# EG: *389*068*200#

How to Recharge your line Via Sterling Bank USSD code

To recharge your mobile phone through Sterling Bank USSD codes, Dial *822# and follow the on-screen instructions to register.
Then, Buy Airtime, Dial *822*Amount# E.g. *822*500#.

How to Recharge your line Via Zenith Bank USSD code

If you are using Zenith Bank and you have not bought from your mobile phone before, you have to register your number by dialling *966# and follow the instructions. To buy Airtime using your phone, Simply Dial *904*amount# E.g. *904*2000#

How to Recharge your line Via Stanbic Bank USSD code

Stanbic IBTC Bank Nigeria Customers who want to recharge using a mobile phone should Dial *909# to register his or her number. Then to buy Airtime through Stanbic bank USSD code, simply dial *909*Amount# and press Send E.g. *909*1000# Daily Limit is ₦5,000 Naira

How to Recharge your line Via Skye Bank USSD code

To buy airtime from your Skye bank is very easy but you will have to register first as a first-timer by Dialling *833# and following the instruction on the screen. To buy Airtime quickly, Dial *833*Amount# from the phone number used when you created your account E.g. to recharge your phone with N500, Just dial *833*500# Daily Limit is ₦5,000 Naira

How to Recharge your line Via Unity Bank USSD code

You can buy airtime directly into your phone through Unity Bank USSD. To get started dial *322*215*amount# to recharge your phone. E.g. To recharge N2, 000 dial *322*215*2000#.

How to Recharge your line Via Wema Bank USSD code

It’s now easy to recharge your phone through Wema Bank USSD as WEMA Bank Customers. Dial *322# and follow the on-screen if you haven’t registered before. To buy Airtime dial *322*035*amount# E.g. to buy N500, dial *332*035*500#.

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