Capitec mobile banking is all about making life easier for consumers. Gone are the days when customers need to visit a bank to make and receive payments. This hassle-free option is available to all Capitec customers.  Furthermore, consumers can enjoy banking from anywhere at any time.

Perks of using Capitec mobile banking

Capitec Mobile Banking
  • Capitec mobile banking is easy to use
  • Consumers can bank while they’re on the go
  • Mobile banking saves time
  • Instant access to transfers and payments
  • Hassle-free and easy access to banking

Mobile banking options

Mobile banking is ideal for those who are strapped for time and can’t visit a branch. Furthermore, Capitec offers a variety of mobile banking options. This includes cellphone banking apps, mobile banking, and internet banking.

Cellphone Banking App

Consumers can get access to the Capitec banking app by downloading the app. Simply visit the app store on your smartphone and search for “Capitec bank”. Next, click on download and log in with your credentials.

The Capitec banking app is available on the Google play store, Apple app store, and the Huawei App gallery.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is ideal for those who do not own a smartphone. Furthermore, mobile banking can be used on any phone that can send or receive an SMS.  Mobile banking is also highly secure and uses a banking pin to keep all transactions safe.

Dial *120*3279# to make use of mobile banking.

Service providers usually charge R0.20 for 20 seconds. Therefore, consumers will need to have airtime to use this service. If you do not have airtime dial *130*3279# to load airtime (this service is free).

Internet Banking

Capitec offers an easy-to-use interface for laptops and desktops. Simply visit the Capitec website and log in to discover simplified banking.

Internet banking website:

Cellphone banking app

Here are some of the functions that the banking app offers.

  • Biometric sign-in features (fingerprint or facial recognition)
  • Capitec clients can use the cellphone banking app view all their accounts and balances.
  • Furthermore, they can even use the “Scan to pay” functionality directly from the app.
  • Clients can also track and view their monthly spending.
  • The app also sends out notifications for money received and money spent
  • Activate virtual cards for online shopping
  • Mange budgets by planning and tracking spend

What can you do on the app?

The Capitec cellphone banking app allows clients to do just about anything. Some of the capabilities include:

  • Making payments
  • Buying data, airtime and SMS bundles
  • Adding beneficiaries
  • Viewing payment history
  • Buying electricity
  • Credit facility transfers
  • Stop debit orders
  • Emailing bank statements
  • Activating virtual cards
  • Managing contactless card transactions
  • Paying DTSV accounts
  • Applying for funeral cover
  • Creating a budget
  • Making payment to credit cards
  • Viewing credit rating
  • Stop lost or stolen cards
  • Updating credit limits

Mobile banking

Capitec mobile banking is quite similar to using the cellphone banking app. However, there are a few limitations to its capabilities. Let’s take a look at what you can do with Capitec mobile banking.

  • View account balances
  • Credit facility transfers
  • Buy data, sms bundles and airtime
  • Activate cards
  • Disable lost or stolen cards
  • Buy electricity
  • Transfer money to other accounts
  • Email bank statements
  • Send cash
  • View transactions

How to register for mobile banking

The registration process is fairly simple and free of charge. Simply visit a Capitec branch with your cellphone and Capitec bank card. A representative will then activate your mobile banking. Thereafter, clients will immediately be able to use mobile banking.

How long does each transaction session last?

Service providers usually allow each session to last anywhere between 2-3 minutes. However, clients may lose connection during a session. They can still continue with a transaction by redialing *120*3279# within 5 minutes.

Why has the session stopped responding?

This can simply be because a client has reached the time limit of a session. As previously mentioned, a session can last between 2-3 minutes. Therefore, if this time has exceeded then the session will stop responding. Capitec will always notify you if a transaction has been processed.

Is mobile banking secure?

Yes. Mobile banking is very secure. Clients are required to register a mobile banking pin when registering at a branch. This pin is used when starting a new mobile banking session. It’s vital not to share your pin with anyone.

What to do if your cellphone is lost or stolen?

Clients should immediately stop the mobile banking service if their phone is lost or stolen. They can do so by either visiting a branch or calling customer care. Additionally, clients can change their mobile pin if it has been compromised. It’s vital to keep your pin as secure as possible at all times.

How to change your pin?

If your pin has been compromised dial *120*3279#. Next, follow the prompts to change your pin.

However, if a client has forgotten their pin they will need to visit a Capitec branch with their ID.

Can you access mobile banking on someone else’s phone?

No, you cannot access your mobile banking on anyone else’s phone. Your mobile banking is linked to your cellphone number only. Therefore, it’s important to keep your SIM card safe at all times. Notify the bank if you have changed your cellphone number.

Daily transition limits

Capitec has set a daily transaction limit to help keep its clients safe. Clients can spend up to R505 on data, airtime, and SMS bundles. Additionally, clients can make payments up to R3000 and R10, 000 for electricity.

Can you use mobile banking while in another country?

For safety and security measures, mobile banking is only available in South Africa.

What to do if your mobile banking is blocked?

This usually happens if your pin has been incorrectly entered on 5 recurring attempts. You will need to visit a Capitec bank branch to reset your pin.


Capitec mobile banking allows clients quick and easy access to banking via their mobiles. This service has a variety of features at no additional cost. However, clients will need to have airtime if they wish to use the Capitec mobile banking interface.

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