In this article, we cover everything about how to Send Money From Mpesa to Equity Bank. M-Pesa and Equity are the best platforms for business owners. Most business owners receive money via M-Pesa, and the easiest way to bank the money is by transferring it to Equity Bank.

The process eliminates unnecessary bank trips, and it is also a safe way to bank money without handling cash. If you have an Equity bank account, you can easily send money from your M-Pesa account.

How to send money from Mpesa to Equity

Here is how to send money from Mpesa to Equity Bank:

  1. On the Safaricom to kit, go to M-Pesa Menu
  2. Click on Lipa an M-Pesa
  3. Got to Pay Bill number and insert 247247 as the Equity business number.
  4. In the account number section, put your Equity bank account number
  5. Enter the amount you want to send
  6. Enter your Pin
  7. Confirm details
  8. Enter ok or send.


Check the confirmation message after sending the money. You will receive a confirmation message from either M-Pesa or equity bank. The message is important to show you that the transaction has gone through.

Sometimes the confirmation message might take a few hours to get to you, but the money will have been deducted from your MPesa account.

M-Pesa rates apply when sending money from MPesa to the Equity Bank account. However, the amounts will differ depending on the amount you want to send to your bank. The amount you can transfer is also capped at the daily M-Pesa rates.

Is using MPesa to Equity Bank money transfer worth it?

Using MPesa to Equity Bank services makes your life easy by simplifying the banking process. It is a good choice for business people or anyone who wants to avoid excessive bank trips.

Of course, it comes at a cost in terms of M-Pesa transaction fees, but the money is worth it for the convenience you get. Here are some reasons to use M-Pesa to Equity Bank money transfers:

  1. Fast money transfer – the money is transferred in minutes, so if you need money in your bank account for other transactions, you can get it in minutes.
  2. Convenient – with many people living a busy life, making deposits in the bank can be hectic. The convenience to do everything on your phone is everything you need.
  3. Affordable – when moving money from M-Pesa to Equity, you will pay M-Pesa transaction fees. However, this might be cheaper than going to the bank to make a deposit.
  4. Safe – You do not have to carry cash around. All you have to do is move the money from M-Pesa to the bank without the stress of carrying money in bulk.

How to transfer money from Equity Bank to M-Pesa

You can transfer money from Equity Bank to M-Pesa, but you need an Equitel sim card. To get an Equitel sim card, visit your nearest Equity bank for registration and link your sim card to your bank account.

If you do not have an Equitel sim card, you need to register for Equity mobile banking and use USSD *247#

Using Equitel sim card

  1. On your Equitel sim card, click on my money
  2. Go to send money
  3. Choose other options
  4. Put the M-Pesa number you are sending money to
  5. Put the amount
  6. Confirm the amount and phone number
  7. Put your pin
  8. Confirm the information once again
  9. Press ok

Using USSD

  1. Press *267# on your phone
  2. Insert your Equity Bank account PIN
  3. A menu will appear
  4. On the menu, go to the withdrawal option
  5. Enter your Equity Bank PIN once again

Note: When using the USSD code for withdrawal, you need to have some money in your account for the transaction.

You do not need to have a smartphone to use this service.

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