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Are you seeking for a more convenient way to check your bank account number? So, today, we’ll show you how to check your bank account number without going to the bank. This procedure can be carried out in a variety of ways, which we will discuss in this article.

The methods we will share with you are applicable to all banks in Nigeria. So, if one method does not work, you should try another. We have roughly seven techniques here that pertain to Nigerian banks; you must choose the appropriate one. Here are the quickest ways to find your bank account number in Nigeria.

How to Check Your Bank Account Number in Nigeria

1.    Check Your Bank Account Number Via SMS

Some Nigerian banks let you use SMS shortcodes to check your account number. After texting them, they will respond with your account number. There are banks in Nigeria that offer that type of service, and one of them is Union Bank; you can text “BAL to 20123” on the phone number you used to register your account. A prompt will be sent to you containing your account balance and account number

2.    Get Account Number via Statement of Account

Nigerian banks send monthly account statements to your email, and you can easily access your account balance by checking the emails sent to you. It is one of the quickest ways of checking your account number, and it also takes less than a minute to check your email on your phone. So if you are ever lost on how to check your bank account number, this is a quick method.

3.    Check your Bank Account Number Through SMS

If you open an account with any bank, they send you an SMS with your account number using the number you used to register your account. If you still have the SMS, you can quickly revert and retrieve your account number. For example, there was a time I forgot my bank account number, and I quickly scrolled through my SMS and found my Zenith bank account number.

4.    Through USSD Code

All the banks in Nigeria have a USSD shortcode used to check account balances, send money, or pay bills. You can use the USSD code to check your account balance. Some banks give you the option to check your account number by dialing the USSD code and following instructions. If you follow the prompts, they will send you the bank account number through SMS.

5.    Check Bank Account via ATM

Some people use automated teller machines (ATMs) to transfer and receive money Little did they know that they could use it to check their account number. The options are on the machines, and it works for all the  in Nigeria; you have to insert your card and follow the instructions on the automated teller machine. It is one of the best methods how to check your bank account number.

6.    Check Bank Account Number via Social Media or Customer Support

Another easy way you can check your bank account number is by contacting your bank’s customer support or through their social media handles. You can chat them up and tell them you want your bank account number, but you will have to provide the accurate information you used in registering the bank account. It is only if you provide these details that the bank will be able to help you. All banks have customer care representatives to guide and support you 24/7.

7.    Visit your nearest branch

Another quick way to access your bank account number is by visiting the nearest branch close to you. You need to visit them during working hours and complain to their customer care. They will ask you for some details, and if they are accurate, they will reveal the account number. Of course, the process might take some time since people might be waiting in the bank. Nonetheless, it is reliable if all the methods above don’t work.

Conclusion – how to check bank account number

The best thing is to save your account number in your contact list once your bank mails it to your address or SMS. That way, you will have access to it anytime by just searching through your contact list. The methods listed above are proven and can be used by you to look for your account number. If you have any other method, please share it in the comment section below; hopefully, this article will be helpful to anyone looking for their bank account number.

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