Zazu, a  Zambian Fintech startup Zazu has partnered with Mastercard  to issue prepaid cards linked  to its mobile wallet. Zazu is a digital bank which allows users to manage their money. It is connected to a MasterCard and gives its users power to know where and how their money is goes. Unlike a traditional bank, Zazu uses a customer’s KYC to create their wallet for them. There is no unnecessary need to stand in queues. However, customers can have chat directly with customer service personnel about any questions concerning Zazu’s services. However, its mobile wallet allows customers – even those without a bank account to send, receive, make payments or save digitally.


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The new launch of MasterCard Prepaid cards by Zazu allows its card holders to withdraw money from the ATMs and pay for the items  from millions of merchants  that accept MasterCard, both in Zambia  and internationally.

Zazu’s customers  can request for a Mastercard directly from the app for their e-commerce payments. Therefore, this provides them with a secure way of transacting online without the need of sharing primary  card or account information with merchant.  For customers, it means they can have  card to their wallets which allows them the access  to make payments across million of locations around the world  providing them with the control and confidence to managing their money more smartly.


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