Are you looking for quick loans in Nigeria?

Most often you might have been in a need of extra cash to boost your business or settle some matters, but you don’t have any means to get it and the last option you have is to get a loan.

But you are afraid to borrow from a cooperative or bank, because of their problem and collegiately issues, worry no more we have a good alternative which you can use to get a quick loan in Nigeria.

Today I will be reviewing the top five best apps to get a quick loan in Nigeria without going to the banks or any other places to borrow money.

Best Apps To Get Quick Loans in Nigeria

1. Carbon Paylater

Paylater is our number best app to get a quick loan in Nigeria because it allows you to get instant loans without no much stress. Funds are transferred to your account immediately after approval.

Quick Loans In Nigeria

You can get up to N500,000 on carbon without a collector, and also you unlock a higher loan amount when you pay back early. It’s fast, secure, reliable, and works 24/7. Currently available in Nigeria and Kenya.

Download the Carbon Paylater app today and get a quick instant loan to your bank account

2. Branch

Branch is another powerful instant loan app that gives up to 1 million naira loan without collateral in Nigeria and Kenya.

Quick Loans In Nigeria

Branch offers various loan amounts with different periods of time with interest rates involved. The faster you pay back the more you unlock higher loans on branch.

Download and register on branch app today to get your quick loan.

3. FairMoney

FairMoney is one of the best loan apps currently in Nigeria and they offer loans with interest rates for different purposes such as loans for hospital bills or education and many more.

Apps To Get Quick Loans In Nigeria

With the efficient use of technology, they are able to provide quick loans to anyone within 5 mins.

Click here to download FairMoney app today and get your first loan

4. PalmCredit

As the name goes Palm Credit, it’s a virtual loan app that allows you to get a quick instant loan immediately without going to the bank or anywhere to borrow loans.

Apps To Get Quick Loans In Nigeria

Get quick loan at your palm, with your mobile phone, select any loan amount available for you and apply to get approval between 3 minutes.

The more you repay on time the more the credit limits increase and grow large to borrow higher loans.

Download Palm Credit here and get your first loan

5. Quick check

Quick check is another quick amazing app to get quick loans in Nigeria and Kenya.

Apps To Get Quick Loans In Nigeria

Download the app register and apply for loans up to N200,000 for grabs for 30 days or more repay quickly and get more loan offers.


Truly these apps claim to offer free loans without collectors, but it is advisable to study each of their terms and conditions carefully before applying for higher loans amount. Also, be sure of the loan amount you take and interest rate is okay with you

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