How To Get Quick Loans in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya

Getting a quick loan can be quite a hassle in some African countries if you don’t know what you’re doing. Long gone are the days where you are required to walk up to the bank and apply for a loan, in recent times, if you’ve got a smartphone or an internet connection, you can easily launch a loan app and apply for a quick loan at you’re leisure time. It’s simple as ABC, that’s if you know what you’re doing.

Well if you don’t know what to do, or the right places to look for a quick loan in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa, just follow the guidelines in this review to provide you with the latest and best quick loan platforms in the outlined countries.

How to Get Quick Loans in Nigeria

The economic and financial system in Nigeria supports SMEs and small scale entrepreneurship through the provision of quick loans to loan applicants. Through the infusion of technology, the Nigerian financial system has been able to provide loans to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of entrepreneurs that have applied for quick loans through various secure financial channels.

The beauty of the quick loan financial system is its availability online, and this has also promoted private sector partnerships in the Nigerian lending industry. Yes, you heard right, it’s an “industry.”

So, here are some major platforms you can get a quick loan from in Nigeria.


  • Branch


The Branch brand is a mobile loan application that services customers on a broad-base in West Africa, and Nigeria. Customers who access the branch app can get access to quick loans in a reduced time. Users of the app can access loans ranging from 1,500 NGN to 150,000 NGN up to 68 weeks. With an interest rate of 14%-28%, the branch offers its customers equal lending opportunities.


  • PayLater


Looking for a quick loan app that can provide you access to soft loans in the region of 500,000 NGN with absolutely no collateral? Then PayLater is your go app. And yes, we’re not kidding! No collateral whatsoever. It takes within 1 to 3 business working days for you to revive the funds, with the precondition of making on-time repayment of loan amounts. An insensitive of repaying loans on time is that you’ll have access to higher credit facilities.

There are tons of other online loan companies that provide quick loans in Nigeria, they’re Palmcredit, Quickcheck, Aella Credit, Kiakia, and Fair Money. They’re quick and accessible online through desktop and mobile applications.


How to Get Quick Loans in Kenya

Kenya’s financial system has provisions for quick loans to rural and urban community-based entrepreneurs. The Kenyan financial loan system also provides individual entities access to quick loans irrespective of their business status, with prompt repayment as an important incentive.

Here are a couple of Kenya’s finest quick loan apps for users to access.

  1. Branch

Just like in Nigeria, Branch offers quick access to loans to Kenyans as well. The Branch model in Kenya is designed to get access to all the transactional and social footprint within the smartphones of all its customers in Kenya. And this feature is enabled by Facebook, Mpesa, and social apps in the smartphones of its customers. 

One of the key reasons behind Branch’s rationale of excavating user data is to establish if the loan applicant has a digital identity they can travel in case of any financial misconduct. However, individuals without a social identity can still request for quick loans, but in smaller amounts. The rate at which the applicant fulfills their loan commitments determines whether the applicant will be able to have access to higher loan amounts within the Branch app.

  1. mKey

Looking for an all-inclusive digital and modern financial banking service app that has all the facilities of trade and communication embedded within in Kenya? If you’re, then the mKey app is the right application for you.

With mKey users can communicate in-app with the use of the chat facility embedded within the app. Users can also pay bills, shop, get the latest news or information on financial trends, save and the most important of them all, request for loans. mKeys borrowing limit extends to Ksh. 1Mil from Ksh. 300, with a 9% interest on active loans.


Kenya also has other quick access loan platforms and that include, M-Shwari, KCB M-PESA, MCo-op Cash loans, O Kash, Haraka, Eazzy Loan, Whizz, Timiza, Tala, Safaricom Fuliza, NIC Bank mobile banking loans and lots more.

How to Get Quick Loans in Ghana

Getting a quick loan in Ghana is one of the easiest things you could do in Ghana. The Ghanaian loan system is treated like a highly competitive market that promotes the inclusion of loan companies that are modelled after the provision of premium and soft loans for a wide variety of customers. Ghanaians with an internet connection can easily browse through the internet to find readily available loan providers that are eager to lend money to intending borrowers. Some of these lending platforms come with high-interest rates, while others have low-interest rates. This is all dependent on the loan amount and duration.

 Here are a couple of Ghanaian loan institutions;


  • Cash Ghana Limited


Cash Ghana Limited offers its loan applicants with the options of pawn and payday loans. With this loan plan, applicants can access rapid funds for rent fulfilment, tuition fees, pocket money, and medical expenditure. If you’re an applicant that has a dormant asset and is looking to trade it in exchange for cash, thus eliminating the need for a cash repayment.

  1. Izwe Loans

The company Izwe loans is a loan institution that is trusted by government staff. They provide easy access to instant funds to government staff at a fair interest rate. Under its official statute provided by the Bank of Ghana, it is recognized as a legitimate financial institution with no significant ties to the official Ghanaian banking system. Their area of operational priority is intended for the low cast workers in Ghana, those under the informal sector, and those who work within Government ministries.

There are other numerous loan institutions in Ghana such as Fido Money Lending Limited, however, loan applicants must apply for loans from only institutions that have been duly registered and recognized by Ghana’s Alex financial institution, Bank of Ghana.

How to Get Quick Loans in South Africa

The financial system in South Africa is modelled to provide loans to SMEs and Corporate institutions. The financial loan application system of lending companies also has provisions for short to medium term loan applications for individuals or single entities via online platforms, provided the individuals can meet the interest rates terms within the stipulated time allotted for their loans.

So, here are some major platforms you can get a quick loan from in South Africa.

  1. Personal Loans South Africa

 Personal Loans South Africa is modelled after a corporate identity, “No credit checks alongside the lowest rates” Application for loans is done online and there’s no visible application fee attached to their application process. Loan applicants can apply for loan sums as high as R150,000. If you’re a blacklisted applicant, you can also apply for a loan from the platform. Their operating system is constantly updated with the latest internet security, thus keeping it safe from spammers and hackers. If you live in South Africa and you’re keen on receiving rapid approval for your loan application, then Personal Loans South Africa comes in highly recommended.

  1. Payday Loans

 Payday loans are touted as one of South Africas’s popular loan providers. So, why is it popular? Payday loans pride itself with prompt delivery of funds to loan applicants upon receipt of loan applications. Once you have made an application online, within 2 days, you will receive the borrowed funds in your accounts. This is only possible if you’re a resident of South Africa.

There are other lending institutions spread across South Africa that provide loans to SMEs and individual entities, some of them include Lime Loans, Mortgage Bond Loan, Personal Bank Loan, Izwe Loans, Standard Bank Loan, and lots more.


From the West to the east and then down South, quick access to flexible loans is on the rise. It’s important that when applying for loans, individuals should seek the authenticity of the institution providing these loans to avoid incurring steep penalties and heavy losses. 



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