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PayDay Africa App: How to Download/Install on Android and iOS

PayDay Africa (called the PayPal for Africa) will be launched in July 2021 and would enable borderless international and intercontinental cross-remittance of money in minutes.

The watchword of PayDay Africa is to enable ‘swift global payments for Africans’. PayDay Africa is backed by TalentMatch Inc.

PayDay Africa app was developed by the Canada-based Nigerian Favour Ori. He is a serial developer. Powered by TalentMatch, the app secured about $1 million for expansion and full integration into the mainstream fintech space.

“…will expand into new territories and also hire talents for their Engineering, Product, Compliance and Growth roles to scale its operations and also acquire additional licenses”.

Favour Ori – Creator, PayDay Africa

PayDay Africa also assigns a dollar sign tag to its users e.g $Sandra

This article will focus on how PayDay Africa works, how to sign up on PayDay Africa App, how to transfer internationally on PayDay Africa, and all other things you may need to know.

  1. Africa is still pretty much behind in enjoying fast money transfers across the world.
  2. Money transfers to/fro Africa is still not convenient
  3. Remote work is becoming more and more popular
  4. Money transfers to/fro Africa is still expensive
  5. Money transfers to/fro Africa is still riddled by restrictions

How to Download/Install and Signup on PayDay Africa App

To use an app on your device, you must first have it on your phone. If you use an Android, you can refer to your Google PlayStore. If you use an iPhone, simply scroll to your iOS Store, punch ‘PayDay Africa’, and install the application on your device. 

You can find the links here: Android, iOS.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the PayDay Africa app, then you can follow the following guide:

  1. Launch the app
  2. Tap Create Account
  3. Enter all the requested personal details and click create your account
  4. A verification is sent to your email. Pick the code and respond to the app with it and verify
  5. Create a Password
  6. You’re in!

Later, you can create a PIN at your convenient time. You can also ensure that you add your ID to start sending, receiving, and requesting money from anywhere in the world.

Transactions you can do with the PayDay Africa App (PayDay)

  1. Request payments from both PayDay and non-PayDay users
  2. Receive money from foreign clients/employers
  3. Pay tuition fees in US, UK, and Canada
  4. Top-up your PayDay Africa wallet
  5. Send money to anywhere in the world
  6. Pay your local bills e.g light, TV, water bills
  7. Request a virtual card that can do online transactions …and so on

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