is a payment solution that allows users to receive money instantly into their bank account from anyone, anywhere and anytime. The e-payment product was announced during the Social Media Lagos 2020. With, business owners who run their businesses digitally; whether on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or have a website where customers can visit can integrate as a payment tool.


How Users can get Started:

  • Business owners have to get a link customized to their business or a personal profile name and logo, which can be sent to customers for payment.
  • With PayLink, you don’t necessarily have to send out your bank account details to people you have most likely never have met for payment on the internet. Your bank account number is configured and hidden from public view.
  • The PayLink by Remita allows customers to access businesses’ links on their social media profile

How it works?

Users can easily:

  • Receive Payments for Goods and services.
  • Receive Donations & Fees (Church;Charity, School et.c)
  • Receive Events Contrin=butions(Aso Ebi, Gele, Fila Etc)
  • Receive Payments Instantly

Channels where PayLink works:

Users can conveniently receive payments through various channels which include:

  • USSD
  • Debit/ Credit Card
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Wallets.

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