Chipper-cash, the n0-fee, cross border payment startup has expanded to Nigeria.  It is based in San Francisco, with sub offices in Ghana and Kenya.  In partnership with Paystack, Chipper-Cash is set to offer its P2p payment service and app in Nigeria.

What’s Chipper-Cash?

Chipper Cash is an instant cross-border mobile money platform. It allows users across a number of African countries send and receive money which is as easy as sending a text message.  And also, the all-in-country P2P transactions on Chipper Cash are free.

The Beginning

The Chipper Cash app was pioneered by a Ugandan and a Ghanaian, Ham Serunjogi, and Maijid Moujaled, respectively.  The idea around why Chipper Cash was to proffer a solution to the challenges associated with exchanging money in Africa. The Chipper Cash is in five countries; Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana and Kenya.  It has about 70,000 users on the Platform, and seeks to hit million users.

How it works?

With the Chipper-cash, one can send or receive money in any currency.  However, there is no need to visit a foreign exchange unit to transform it; the app automatically translates it into a home currency. Payments are supported from networks like; Airtel, MTN.

This is how to create a Chipper-Cash Wallet:

  • Download the Chipper-Cash. The app is available on app store or Google store.
  • When you navigate the app, input your mobile number with your home country’s code and continue.
  • A 6-digit code would be sent to you.
  • Enter your first and last name. On the next page, choose your primary currency and your account has been created.


The Expansion

Chipper-cash’s Lagos office would be headed by a country manager, Abiodun Animashaun, the co-founder of the bike-hailing app, Gokada. While Alicia Levine, will leave BRCk, an internet hardware and service, to become Chipper Cash’s Chief Operating Officer.  Thus, after the mobile payment launch, Chipper checkout will be introduced. The Chipper checkout is a merchant –focused, fee-based C2B mobile payments product that supports its n0-fee mobile –money business.

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