How To Transfer Money Using Keystone Bank Mobile Banking

Keystone Bank, just like every other bank in the industry, has a mobile banking or USSD platform for her customers and this is why this post is about how to transfer money using keystone bank mobile banking. The platform allows her customers to seamlessly perform mobile banking transactions using their mobile phones. Examples of transactions you can perform using Keystone Bank’s mobile banking include account opening, instant transfers to a Keystone or a third party Bank, booking of a rides deposit, instant transfer of foreign currency, the setting up of automatic payment of recurring bills, purchase of movie tickets; etcetera. It’s banking convenience at its best as the bank’s customers don’t have to go into the banking hall to initiate or conclude these transactions.

*7111# is Keystone Bank’s USSD banking code to access her mobile banking platform. It can be accessed by all networks and you can use any mobile phone to access the platform. One condition you need to note is that transactions through *7111# USSD banking will work only on the SIM card registered to your Keystone Bank account. 

No airtime is required on your Keystone Bank-registered SIM to use the *7111# USSD banking though you need to confirm that as some service providers now charge for USSD code transactions.

If you are ready, here are the steps you need to take:


Before any of your transactions can go live on the platform, a PIN, unique to you, will be required. You create that PIN during the registration process. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Dial *7111# from the mobile phone having your Keystone Bank-registered SIM;
  • A menu box will load on the screen. There are eight menu items on the list. You are trying to “Enable/Disable Ussd”, the number eight-item on the menu list; so input “8” into the prompt box and tap “SEND”;
  • Another menu box, titled and sub-titled as before, will load on your phone screen. This time around, you will see three menu items listed here. “Register Here” is what you are trying to do, so input “1” into the prompt box and tap on the “SEND” button;
  • A menu box will load, which will prompt you to input your account number. Do this and then tap the “SEND” button;
  • Next, you will be prompted to enter in the last four digits of your Keystone Bank ATM card. Enter them and tap on the “SEND” button;
  • You will now be required to enter a four-to-six digit security code (PIN) which you will use for your USSD transactions. Create the PIN;
  • Once you succeed in registering and inputting your PIN into the system, you can now use the Keystone Bank’s mobile banking (USSD) platform


  • Dial *7111*AMOUNT*10-DIGIT NUBAN ACCOUNT NUMBER# from your Keystone Bank-registered SIM card;
  • From the list that loads on the screen, choose the third party bank you are transferring to and tap the “CONTINUE” button;
  • Confirm that the recipient’s name that loads on your phone screen is in order, then tap the “CONTINUE” button;
  • Enter your PIN or the last four digits of your Keystone Bank ATM card to authenticate the transfer;
  • Tap on the “CONTINUE” button;
  • Your transaction should go through and you should receive a debit alert


  • Dial *7111*AMOUNT*10-DIGIT NUBAN ACCOUNT NUMBER# from your Keystone Bank-registered SIM card;
  •  Follow the on-screen prompts to effect and authenticate the transaction.


Just before or after effecting a transfer with Keystone Bank’s USSD banking platform, you might want to check your account balance just so you can be sure you have the funds you want to transfer or you want to confirm whether or not a transfer went through.

Here’s how to check your account balance:

  • Dial *7111*1# from your Keystone Bank-registered SIM card;
  • Follow the prompt and enter your PIN;
  • Your account balance will be displayed immediately on your screen.

So, these are the steps you need on How To Transfer Money Using Keystone Bank Mobile Banking or USSD platform.

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