The eCommerce business in Kenya accounted for more than 1.7B of revenue in 2021. Here, eCommerce means online sales of products and services to an end-user (B2C). According to recent statistics, 24% of the Kenyan population purchased at least 1 product on an ecommerce platform in 2021.

The following products were the most bought online items in Kenya.

  • Consumer electronics (e.g., TV and laptops)
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Bags & accessories
  • Household appliance
  • Food and drinks
  • Books, movies, music & games (excluding downloads)
  • Cosmetic & Body Care
  • Furniture & household goods
  • Drugstore and Health products
  • Sports and outdoor products
  • Toys & baby products
  • Stationeries & hobby supplies
  • DIY & garden products
  • Pet products

Ecommerce Business Ideas in Kenya

Financial analysts predict revenue increase for eCommerce businesses as new markets continue to emerge and develop existing markets. From the above statistics and information, we have compiled a list of the best ideas for ecommerce businesses worth your time and investment with great profitability.

1. Baby/Kids Clothes Line

Kids outgrow their outfits fast, which means that parents and guardians are always sourcing for new ones. Starting an ecommerce business that sells clothes for babies and kids would provide you with a great opportunity to make money.

You can specialize in newborn clothes only or include outfits for older kids. Remember to incorporate baby accessories (baby carriers, grooming kits, feeding sets, baby toys, etc.) once your business stabilizes.

2. Electronics and Tech devices

Technology advancement has led to massive manufacturing of various types of electronics and tech products to simplify the way of living. You can tap into this business field, start making profits, and grow your business online.

More people are shopping for electronics online because it is convenient, and they can rely on home delivery arrangements, especially where bulky products are involved. Electronics and tech products such as smart TVs, Home Theaters, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc., are some of the most sought-after electronics online.

3. Fashion

Are you fashionable? How about turning your passion into a business by selling adult clothes or shoes online? Potential buyers are always scouring for fashionable items online, and your ecommerce platform could be their next destination.

To exploit this ecommerce idea to the maximum profitably, you need to figure out the perfect audience to sell to so that you can outsource products that fit their tastes and preferences. Don’t forget to promote or market the platform for high ROI.

4. Beauty Products

As beauty standards continue to rise in our modern society, so makes the demand for beauty products. This observation is enough to consider starting an ecommerce platform for beauty products. These products can range from ladies’ wigs, braids, weaves, designer perfumes, lotions, hair sprays, oils, make-up, and anything else that falls under the beauty category.

More and more beauty enthusiasts find it convenient to shop their favorite beauty products online than physically hopping from one beauty store to another.

5. Grocery/Food and Drinks

Not everyone fancies entering the kitchen to prepare meals after a long hectic day. Some prefer ordering food and drinks online. The same case applies to grocery shopping, where not everyone has the time or energy to visit the grocery market.

With an ecommerce platform that seeks to deliver grocery items and ready meals and drinks to such prospects, you stand a chance to run a successful online business. It becomes better if you are a passionate cook who enjoys preparing different cuisines and recipes.

6. Home/Kitchen Appliances

A lot of internet users look for modern home and kitchen appliances online. That way, they can keep up with the newest appliances in the market.

Talking of appliances, it could be anything ranging from cookware, chandeliers, fridges, plate and cup sets, blenders, etc. Be on the lookout for the newest items in the market so that you can be among the first retailers to introduce them to online customers.

7. Ebooks

Demand for ebooks on various niches and topics has increased because of the growth in smartphone ownership. Are you a good storyteller? With an eBook ecommerce platform, you can write your own stories and grow a huge subscription base. If you can’t create stories or interesting topics on your own, you can hire freelancing services from talented ghostwriters.

You, however, need to settle on a specific eBook niche. There is a range of niches, such as lifestyle, novels, nutrition, weight loss, recipes, educational content, etc.

How to Create a Successful eCommerce Business

Now that you have ideas on the kind of ecommerce business that interests you, how about you learn some tips for growing your ecommerce business. Below are tips on how to go about it:

Settle on a business idea.

It is important that you choose what to sell. More importantly, find out how that particular product or service is performing in the market in terms of demand and its general potential. Also, you need to figure out who your supplier will be and if you will deliver products directly to your customers or opt for dropshipping.

Choose a name and a logo for your ecommerce business.

The name and logo should relate to what you are selling. Make your site stand out from other competitors’ ecommerce platforms. Some of the best ecommerce marketing ideas you can execute include enabling live chats, offering free shipping, discount sales, and making your platform mobile-friendly.

Understand SEO basics.

Ecommerce SEO is an ecommerce digital marketing strategy that involves optimizing your ecommerce platform so that it is easily found by users on search engines like Google when they search for products related to what you are selling. Consider looking at what competitor sites are doing better so that you can outdo them.

Create your ecommerce platform.

You can do this by yourself using ecommerce website builders, or better yet, hire an ecommerce website designer to build one for you. Create product pages that can convert. Don’t forget to include quality photos and graphics of your products and detailed but brief descriptions. Your ecommerce website’s font and color should also appeal to visitors.

Launch your business.

Decide on delivery logistics or how your products will reach your customers. Ensure to evaluate your site’s performance to determine if it is flourishing, stagnant, or underperforming.

Promote ecommerce business online to get more leads to sale.

You can partner with an ecommerce digital marketing agency to super-charge your growth with ecommerce website development and optimization. A results-driven ecommerce marketing agency can help you execute digital marketing strategies for your ecommerce business to grow online visibility and revenue through digital channels.

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