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 I-Invest: Risk-free and Benefits

  Investment is often an area we don’t explore when looking to make extra income; we rather rely on a side hustle or business for the coins. Certainly because of the risks  involved and the inability to project returns accurately.  Nevertheless, leaving large sums of idle money in your savings account doesn’t yield profit.  The overinflated bank charges and monthly maintenance fee make it quite difficult for savings account to earn any bonus cash. But perhaps, gets topped with a 4.5% interest every month which is an insignificant sum.  Despite a good number of investment opportunities available, investment rates are still sparse.  This problem exist because most people don’t know how to go about it, and others are not willing to risk it all.

Here’s Where I-Invest Comes In

I-invest is a mobile application developed by Parthain Partners, a pan-African inter-bank in collaboration with Sterling Bank Plc ,  which lets users buy treasury bill with their mobile phones. With the app, you can make secure investments anywhere and anytime. Also, the technical know-how to purchase treasury bills and securities related instruments is not necessary before one can invest. The I-invest tracks diverse investment portfolios without the aid of a broker. And retail investors earn attractive interests rates in a convenient way.

What is a Treasury bill?

Treasury bills are short term debt instruments which provide funds for government.  The Federal Government  issues them through the Central Bank.  Then investors  pay in exchange for a promise to get refunded with interest at a specified period. The tenor lasts for about 91 days, 182 or 364 days. Treasury bills are the safest type of investment; it is risk-free and can serve as collateral. The rate of returns depends on the prevailing interest rate, the sum invested and the length of tenor.


What you can gain from I-invest?

The  I-invest app currently has over 60,000 downloads and 30, 000 registered users. And is eligible for both the working class and the retired to place their investments.


  • The annual interest rate from commercial banks is between 4-6% while on I-invest you can earn about 8-11% interest.
  • There are no withdrawal charges. Supply your bank details, enter amount you want to withdraw, confirm your transaction and withdraw.
  • No hidden additional fees ; it is straightforward and risk-free.
  • The I-invest app has made treasury bills investment accessible. There is no need for banking officials, documents or forms. It has been simplified.
  • To open a account on I-invest, you don’t need  Sterling bank account. What is required is your BVN, a valid phone number for registration.
  • With a minimum of a hundred thousand naira (N100, 000) you can invest.



  • The I-invest mobile app is secured and however the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (NSEC) regulates it. 
  • Furthermore, only the BVN details during registration are recognized if when any transaction is to be made.
  •  The investments can monitored in real time.
  • The  funds invested are super secured ; during registration a secret question is being provided which acts as buffer for investors.


Hence, I-invest is a game changer in treasury bill investment which you should take advantage of. It is secured, convenient, and aids your financial advancement without a sweat.


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